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Unlawful Display of a Firearm by a Concealed Handgun Licensed Holder


Stornello Law Firm defended a client charged with displaying a handgun by a concealed handgun license holder after being involved in a road rage incident. During the incident, another motorist blocked the street and exited his car and advanced upon the client's car. The client displayed his handgun, but did not point it at the other person. After being shown, the assailant sees the gun and thinks better of his actions and gets back into his vehicle and leaves. That should have been the end of the incident, however the State of Texas decided to charge our client for defending himself in a road rage incident where he was the potential victim. We set the case for trial and on the day of trial the State decided to dismiss the case. Stornello Law Firm, PC defended a citizens right to defend himself and the right to carry a firearm.