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First-time DWI Offenders Offered Second Chance Thanks to New Texas Law


A DWI is serious conviction with many harsh consequences that can impact your name, personhood, reputation, and personal and professional life. However, for those who have only gotten a DWI once and have followed all necessary legal procedures, such as paying all necessary fines, there is now hope for a future free of the various lasting consequences of a DWI.

Governor Greg Abbot recently signed a new Texas law regarding first-time DWI offenders. This law applies only those who have never been charged with a DWI before, and only have a blood alcohol content of .14 or less. It also excludes anyone who caused a car crash or hurt someone while driving under the influence. If someone follows through with all court orders, they will benefit from the advantages this new law offers, which includes a sealed conviction of DWI.

What this means in the long term is that future employers will not be able to see a DWI on the offender’s record, which will clear up a number of future complications and obstacles. By having the conviction sealed off from the public eye, people will have a better chance at getting a job without fear of rejection due to their previous mistake--while law enforcement will still be able to view your first DWI, this essentially clears you of the social stigma that so often accompanies this charge.

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