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Fort Bend County, Texas Jailhouse Information


At Stornello Law Firm, P.C., our clients’ priorities are always kept at the center of our attention. To help you manage a difficult time after being notified that your loved one has been arrested and is being kept in jail awaiting their court date, we have collected and compiled useful information regarding the Fort Bend County Jail. If you need to speak to one of our Fort Bend criminal defense attorneys about obtaining legal representation, you can call 281.369.4506. Initial consultations are free to all inquiring parties.

Fort Bend County Jail Contact Information

  • Address: 1410 Williams Way Blvd, Richmond, TX 77469
  • Phone: (281) 341-4735
  • Web address:
  • Hours: 24/7 availability

The Fort Bend County Jail is located in between Highway Route 90 and 59/69 Interstates, near the Brazos River and Fort Bend Country Club.

Public and Visitor Information

The Fort Bend County, Texas Jail has an online registry that the public may access to learn basic information about inmates they may know or are related to. Click here to access the online booking registry. Keep in mind that if someone was recently arrested in the last several hours, the booking process may not be complete. Additionally, an individual held at the Fort Bend County Jail is a suspect who has been charged for a crime, not someone who has been convicted.

Fort Bend County Jail has visitation hours between 8:00 AM and 6:30 PM every day. 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM are unavailable to visitors, as these are designated meal times for all inmates. Visits cannot be longer than 30 minutes and no inmate may receive more than 2 visitations in a calendar week. No unsupervised children under 16 shall be permitted to visit, and all adult visitors must present valid state identification.

Visitation prohibitions include:

  • Cellphone use and photography
  • Use of profanity or aggressiveness
  • Sexual acts or nudity
  • Anything related to illegal drugs or gang affiliations
  • Food, drinks, and gum are prohibited
  • Any sort of weapon or deadly device
  • Inappropriate or lewd clothing

Online visitations can be arranged from-home. Inmates must purchase from-home visitations but they do not count towards the 2 in-person visitations. For more information about visitations, click here. To search court records, click here.

Detention Housing and Inmate Faculties

The Fort Bend County Jail included the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility. The facility’s slogan is Care, Custody, and Control. Inmates housed within the facility are provided meals, necessary medications, work routines, hygienic services, and recreation. Religious, educational, professional, and treatment programs are made available to inquiring inmates. There is a system in place to make additional phone calls – 2 are provided at the beginning of detainment. Tablets are made available to inmates to play games, read books, search for jobs, and listen to the radio. Click here for more information on detention housing.

Around 30 to 40 officers and wardens are on duty at any given time, even for night shifts, and they are tasked with overseeing, protecting, and regulating inmate behaviors. The safety of everyone in the facility is their primary concern.