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Recent SCOTUS decisions


The SCOTUS Supreme Court of the United States has been busy this term. Here are the latest opinions dealing with criminal law.

Byrd v. US. 9-0
Held occupant of vehicle has right to expectation of privacy and is free some unreasonable search and seizure even if person is not on rental car agreement. 2 concurrences.

McCoy v. LA 6-3
A client has right to plead not guilty and have ASSISTANCE of counsel at trial. An attorney may not undercut that plea/right to trial, as a trial strategy, by arguing to the jury the client did it. Dissent says not ineffective assistance of counsel because attorney conceded only 1 element, and fought the mens rea. (all opinions very sympathetic to the attorney)

Dahda v. US 8-0 (No Gorsuch)
Wiretap warrant not defeated by issuing court not having territorial jurisdiction.

US v. Sanchez-Gomez 9-0
Unlawful to restrain a person in non-trial appearances moot, 9th Cir. opinion vacated for mootness.

Murphy v. NCAA (6-1-2)
Feds cannot determine sports book betting for the states. Breyer joins majority and dissent in parts.